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Ivy Shuttle’s Philosophy

Ivy Shuttle is an academy that offers a unique college readiness education — ECAT (Elite College Advanced Training ), through our Ongoing Follow-up Education System, OFES, which facilitates each student's emergent development needs through learning in physical classrooms and cloud classrooms.
Every year, half a million students from all over the world travel on the narrow application path to top US colleges. Only 9% of the applicants are accepted. The majority - over 90% - are rejected. Among the rejected majority, only 5% to 10% are unqualified , 90% applicants are very strong in either academic area or co-curriculum area .
Ivy Shuttle’s instructors have served on university admissions committees from 3-7 years. Ivy Shuttle's specialists and instructors have seen and judged around 10,000 applications. Our expertise allows us to help a student develop a strong application that could make him/her stand out. Ivy Shuttle doesn’t help you be qualified. Yet, our specialists do help you achieve your goal of distinguishing yourself from the 90% strong and qualified applicants through deep skills development.
As insiders to the admissions and education process , we know why some great students get in and others do not. The reason is simple. Elite colleges are NOT looking only for excellent students. They are looking for people who have the potential to be great leaders and innovators after graduation. Some admissions officials refer to these applicants as future superstars in their chosen fields and beyond. 
Ivy Shuttle believes that intellectual capacity, interpersonal maturity, and integrative vitality are important qualities for a student’s college readiness, as well as crucial indicators for his or her success in high school, college, and future careers as a future superstar . The growth of these qualities depend on the student's self-awakening understanding of the value of true learning and how it can drive him or her through rigorous learning challenges in academic and non-academic areas.




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